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ListLync simplifies your experience by automatically sending home listings directly to your phone. When you’re in close proximity to a property that matches your search criteria, ListLync notifies you and connects you directly to an agent in real-time.

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ListLync was created to help make your property search seamless. It automates listing details based on your personalized search criteria. Notifications are sent to your phone once you’re in proximity of a matching property.


Milliseconds It Takes for Notification Delivery


Geo-Proximity Range To Delivery Listing Details


Seconds saved on average to manually copy and save one listing information

Home Search Made Easy!

Once you’re in proximity to a listing that matches your search criteria, details from that listing will be instantly delivered to your phone. You’ll also have the opportunity to talk with the property agent in real-time, which increases your chances of getting a property you want!

This app is incredibly convenient! It made my search of a 2-bedroom apartment a piece of cake. Listings were delivered to my phone which helped me to really understand that was available in my area.
- Seima H. Brooklyn NY

Personalize Your Home Search

Create a profile to automate your home search. Once you set your profile, benefits include:

  • ListLync delivers only listings that match your preference. We’ll never spam you with unrelated listings.
  • Easily update your search criteria from your profile.
  • Home notifications are automatically saved to your profile so you’ll always have access to them even when you’re out and about.
Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

With the ListLync app, your personal information is housed within the app, therefore, agents that you contact do not have access to it.

We use a patented beacon technology paired with geo-proximity. This allows for only relevant feeds to be sent to your phone when you’re in proximity to an available home that matches your criteria.

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ListLync empowers your property search by bringing it to a whole new technological experience. Download the App today to take real-time control of your next home search!

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